Become a VIP to enjoy exclusive privileges.

1. You can redeem a non-recurring VIP membership using the voucher code that consists of letters and numbers. After logging in to your account, enter the voucher code to activate your VIP membership.

2. Upon successful redemption, you will immediately receive the corresponding type and duration of iQIYI VIP membership, which will be ceased after the specified duration, and there will be no automatic renewal.

3. If you are already an iQIYI VIP member, redeeming a code will extend the validity of your membership. Different types of VIP memberships cannot be stacked.

4. Please redeem the voucher code within its validity period, as it will not be usable or refundable if it has expired.

5. iQIYI reserves the right to reclaim the membership when malicious redemption behavior (such as reselling) is detected.

6. If you have any other questions, please submit feedback for assistance.