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Chinese drama “The Flowers are Blooming” (2021) tells the story of the princess of Xiao, Chen Langyue (played by Xu Jiaqi), who has an architecture dream, sneaking out of the palace and met Li Qingfeng (played by Huang Shengchi), a talented craftsman in the field of architecture. A series of stories about chasing dreams and realizing self-growth opens up. As the princess of the Liang Kingdom, the heroine Chen Langyue, was exposed to poetry and books since childhood. She is proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, but has a grand architecture dream. The male protagonist Li Qingfeng was born in a noble family and is a famous and talented architect. He co-founded the Mu Yu Craftsman Team with his childhood friend, Luo Yi. The 8 young man of the Mu Yu Craftsman Team gathered together for their own ideals, and together they renovated one after another strange and interesting buildings, ranging from brothels to ghost houses, from houses to bridges, from warm little dwellings to paradise of love, from the civil courtyard to the imperial palace’s tower, and finally to rebuild the city defense for the country.....They sometimes quarrel and squabble with each other yet support each other warmly. As everyone renovates various buildings, they experience growth and a sense of belonging. "The Flowers are Blooming" stars Xu Jiaqi (SNH48, THE9 member, participant of “Youth with You 2” and acted in “The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilioni") and Huang Shengchi (acted in “Whirlwind Girl 2”, "Summer’s Desire“ and "Chasing Love”).
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Episodes 1-24