Sassy Beauty

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24 Episodes
Chinese MainlandRomanceFantasyCostumeMandarin


Sassy Beauty (2022) is a mainland Chinese TV series adapted from the novel The Beauty Blogger by Li Xiao. Si Yan (Snow Kong) is a beauty blogger, and she is sent to a VR reality game, in which she continues to run her business and even falls in love. Si Yan (Snow Kong) is a famous beauty blogger, and she is sent to a VR reality beauty game set in a historical period. Once a spoiled princess has now become a lowly court lady. However, Si Yan manages to win the noble ladies’ hearts with her superb beauty skills and a range of unconventional marketing techniques she learned as an online blogger. Behind the makeup of unique styles is not just pretty faces, but stories filled with laughter and tears of these women from different periods, and how they interpret life. While pursuing her career, Si Yan unexpectedly meets many handsome young men, including the aloof Qi Yi (Yan Zidong), the loyal AI butler Jack (Deng Wei), the “meant-to-be” Qi Bao (Zheng Fanxing), the playboy Qi Xiu (Zhao Kedi), the cool guard Wei Yunli (Lei Shu, and the nerdy Qi Da. Because of these encounters, Si Yan embarks on a journey of growth filled with romance. Sassy Beauty stars Snow Kong (iPartment, Youth with You S2), Yan Zidong (Nothing but Thirty, My Love), and is directed by Qu Rongda (The Years You Were Late). The screenplay was created by Lu Qingyu (A Bed Affair).
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