Kiseki: Dear to Me

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TOP 6Soaring Dramas
13 Episodes


BAI Zong-yi, a young man who aspires to be a doctor, is forced to take the injured gangster, FAN Jhe-ruei to his own house and take care of the latter. As time goes by, the two get familiar and fall in love with each other. However, Jhe-ruei’s enemy comes to them, making Zong-yi take the rap for Jhe-ruei and be put into jail. Jhe-ruei, on the other hand, is seriously injured and loses his memories. The two are so torn apart. 4 years later, Zong-yi, whose brain injury causes memory impairment, and Jhe-ruei with memory loss, meet again due to someone’s trick. Could they make it up and live happily together this time? To be loved by the one you love is a miracle. It is even more miraculous to be loved regardless of the pass of time. One cannot ask for this miracle from grace of God, but from two hearts well acquainted with and close to each other.
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Episodes 1-13