Forever and Ever

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30 Episodes
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When Shiyi (Played by Bai Lu), a sweet, low-key but talented voice actress, meets the elegant Zhousheng Chen (Played by Allen Ren), an oversea returnee chemistry professor, at the airport for the first time, they felt a sense of familiarity. In order to save his family's business, Zhou agreed to his mother's terms and proposed to Shiyi, whom he had a crush on. During their time together, they started to fall for each other. Shiyi was always by his side when Zhousheng Chen faced difficult decisions. Later on, in order to save Zhousheng Chen who was framed, Shiyi became injured and fell unconscious. Zhousheng Chen took good care of Shiyi and she finally woke up; promising each other that they would never part ways in this life. The ancient romantic drama "One and Only", starring the male and female leads Allen Ren and Bai Lu of this drama, is currently airing on the platform.

Also Known As:

Bones Forever Your Love, Chang An Ru Gu, Chang An Memories
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